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Dratrak the forsaken (Druid predator)

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1 Dratrak the forsaken (Druid predator) on Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:38 am

What is life?
Who granted them?
Where they go after death?

Is it so hard to seek those answer?
Constantly asking himself these questions is what kept Dratrak going. He never truly understand the purpose that govern them.Why the dead rises again? Why can't someone you love be granted the peace in death? Why must they come back to torment those that still lives?

Ever since his home in Athel Loren was overrun by undead hordes, Dratrak(his own name long forgotten) life have never been the same. He saw his family torn to shreds before him, friends rises again and attacks his kins, he himself barely escaped with his life only because his father shielded him with his own, casting the final spell which teleported Dratrak to unknown land is his father final gift to him. Grief and sorrow overwhelmed the young Dratrak causes him to lost his memories. But one thing remain, Hatred.

In an alien land, Dratrak have to survive. He must learn all by himself how to hunt, how to treat and how to kill. Mimic all the wild animals that roam the land, hunting predators when they hunt is what Dratrak knows that the creature is at it weakest, concentrate solely on the prey makes the predator oblivious to it surrounding. That when the predator becomes the prey. Dratrak sharpened his claws and waits.

For years, Dratrak yet to encounter any undead hordes or any civilisation, till the appearance of Sigmar "Metal Warriors". Misunderstood, Dratrak saw the "warriors" as creatures with no souls, thus to him they are the very things he hates. "So the time for reckoning is upon once again" and so Dratrak meld into the shadow and wait....

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