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Exalted 2.5: Return

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1 Exalted 2.5: Return on Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:50 am

2.5 is out. I'm reading it through to find the key changes. We have been promised lots of fixes (including key Sidereal playability fixes) and no perfect stalemates amongst other new things. I'm going to read through to see what these are. Those who are inclined can also go through it: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2t3tnvgmqdud5f3

An Exalted game is in the works. I need 4 players. Stay tuned here.

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2 Re: Exalted 2.5: Return on Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:04 am

First impressions, important changes

No more need for combos, which is ok, since combos were a tax on being competent.
Twilight/Daybreak/Defiler anima power no longer does damage reduction. Phew. Changed to Essence sight.
Minimum damage is 1 dice, not essence ping.
Sidereals are practically rewritten. Yay for (hopefully) playable Sidereals, nay for having to reference 2 documents for almost everything.
Creation rules are slightly altered.

Otherwise, loads of Charm fixes and rewrites.

The solution for perfect stalemating is making perfect defenses costly. Meh, we'll see how that works with not needing combos.

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3 Re: Exalted 2.5: Return on Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:36 am

The Return

Exalted are essentially God-beings put on Creation, able to bend the world to their devices. Remember that they were after all created for the purpose of killing Primordials. I want to run a game where the magnitude of your influence on the world is infinite. You do the impossible, see the invisible, row row fight the power. This is a story not about overcoming odds, because that's a given. You're one Exalt against the world, a world that includes legends. Deathlords who plot to destroy the world, Sidereals that shape every minute occurrence to craft their preferred destinies, fuck them. If they didn't know who you were before, they will wake up, shivering, not daring to speak your name. Because that's what you are - awesome.

However, you're not going to start out this way. You will start out in a sleepy town in the North, in an alliance of tribes that is called the Haslanti League. You're freshly exalted, and you might not know your purpose yet, but that is alright. Each experience will shape you, just as you will one day shape the world.

This is a dramatic game. The drama may be small, and human-scale, but it will escalate quickly. I also want you to consider your life as a mortal in addition to your life as an Exalt. Given that you're fresh Exalts, months at the most, your mortal concerns are likely to not have been discarded in favor of your new Exalted life. I'll need good epic Motivations, one that can scale with the growth that you'll experience. It's not unfeasible that you'll revise and redefine your motivations, but the purpose of this game is to move constantly towards achieving your motivations so it's the most important thing you'll put down.

I need 4 players. Pitch me!

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4 Var of the Golden Axe on Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:56 am

Character Sheet

Concept: Former cult enforcer
Caste: Zenith
Motivation: To live as a free man

Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3
Charisma 3, Manipulation 1, Appearance 3
Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 5

Athletics 5, Melee 5 (Really Big Axes +3), War 5, Integrity 5, Resistance 5 (Enduring Pain +3), Survival 3

Artifact 3 (Grand Grimcleaver), Familiar 3 (Falcon), Manse 1 (Fire Manse; Calm Heart)

(Melee) 1st Excellency
(War) Heroism-Encouraging Presence (5m/ 1 scene)
(Integrity) 1st Excellency, Phoenix Renewal Tactic, Invincible Ego Shield (5m, 1wp/ 1 scene), Temptation-Resisting Stance (6m/ 1 scene)
(Resistance) Invincible Essence Reinforcement, Ox-Body Technique, Soul-Fire Resurgence (1wp), Durability of Oak Meditation (2m), Iron Kettle Body (+4m/ 1 scene), Essence-Gathering Temper, Willpower-Enhancing Spirit (4m)

Essence 3 Willpower 10
Personal Motes 19
Peripheral Motes 42

Compassion 2
Conviction 2
Temperance 2
Valor 5

Combat Statistics
(Grand Grimcleaver) Accuracy 15, 16L/3, PDV 7
(Iron Kettle Body) Soak 20L/20B
(Invincible Ego Shield + Temptation Resisting Stance) MDDV 13/ DDV 13


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5 Re: Exalted 2.5: Return on Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:38 pm

Character creation with 2.5 in mind. I'm looking only for Solars, Abyssals, Infernals:

* Character creation summary: 8/6/4, 28 abilities anywhere, 5 extra favored, 4 free specialties, 7 backgrounds, 10 charms, 2 free excellencies of your choice from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Excellency of your splat (Infernals will have to fill in the required Excellency purchases for their Essence level with their 10 charm budget or with BP), 5 virtues, 5 willpower, no merits/flaws and 18 BP. BP costs are 4 for attribute, 2 for ability, 1 for favored ability, 4 for charms, 3 for favored charms, 1 for virtues and willpower, 1 for backgrounds.
* The need for/dependence on perfects are supposed to alleviated. Perfects also cost 8m+ now, so an average E2 character will only be likely to be able to perfect 3 or 4 times. While you can still get your perfects, not going so far up the tree will give you the ability to give your character more avenues to go instead of having a combat focus. Combat will be present, and will likely serve as the dramatic high point, but too much focus on your combat abilities (and the fear of being squashed in one hit) will narrow down your character's focus.
* That said, small boosts to your DV, soak and HL will be more helpful at character creation than the super expensive perfects.

Will advise on date for game soon.

How we're going to start
Things are coming to a boil at the city of Fort Bear. The yearly religious procession that occurs at the holy ground tends to attract devotees from all over, and things are heating up. The Gods have indicated signs of displeasure, as freak occurrences have plagued the League the last year. A snowstorm in the season of Fire, seismic rumbles and major unexplainable accidents have made life for the superstitious Haslanti people difficult. This year, the procession will be glorious - a last ditch effort to appease the Gods and elementals. The question on everyone's mind still remains, what has made them so wrathful?

Whether or not you're a citizen of Fort Bear, you have come to this city and it is clear that the extravagant procession in a time when the League is still struggling to get back on its feet is causing problems, but there are other small problems that can be seen. They are either inherent in the city, perennial problems that nobody has solved, or the conflicts that happen when the myriad barbarian tribes come together. Not all is well in the North, and it will take a lot of effort to rectify this.

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6 Re: Exalted 2.5: Return on Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:46 pm

I got PDFs too, holla if you need.

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Yo took me a while but its finally done.
Will prolly have to revise some stuff after the first session. Been a while since i play Exalted.


Name : Claus Velka Concept: Prince of Thieves
Caste : Night Motivation: To be known as a legend

Attributes :

Strength : 2 Charisma : 3 Perception : 4
Dexterity : 5 Manipulation : 2 Wits : 4
Stamina : 2 Appearance : 2 Intelligence: 3

Abilities :

Caste: Favored:
Dodge: 5 Archery : 5
Athletics: 3 Investigation : 2
Stealth : 3 Sail : 4
Larceny : 3 Presence: 3
Awareness : 3 Performance: 2

Archery (Firearms) 2
Dodge (Running Away) 2

Willpower : 7

Compassion: 4 Conviction: 3
Temperance: 1 Valor: 1

Essence : 3 Health Levels : 7
Personal : 16
Peripheral : 35

Artifact : 2 Golden Gun - (Orichalchum Plasma Tongue Repeater )
Speed - 5 Accuracy - 3 Damage - 11L Rate-1 Range-30 (5 Shots)
Artifact : 2 The Harrier (Fast Courier Excellent Air Boat)
Manse : 2 Air Manse: Windhands Gemstone
Followers : 1 His Crew
Resources: 4 His accumulated stash

Charms :

Excellencies :
Archery Overwhelming
Dodge Overwhelming
Sail Triumphant

Archery :
Trance of Unhesitating Speed
There is No Wind
Essence Arrow Attack (Righteous Judgment Arrow)
Storm-Gathering Practice

Shadow Over Water
Leaping Dodge Method

Stealth :
Easily Overlooked Presence

Sail :
Ship-Claiming Stance
Flag of All Nations Method

Exceptional Reinforced Buff Jacket (Resources 3 purchase)
Silk Courtly Clothing

Dodge DV : 8
Soak : 7L/11B
MDV: 5

Attack :
+15A +11L (Golden Gun)

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