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Lords of Terra III: The Dusk War

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1 Lords of Terra III: The Dusk War on Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:51 pm

Lords of Terra: The Dusk War

For aeons, the victors of the Dawn War ruled over the dominion of Terra, partitioning lands, entire peoples and outer planes of existences into various spheres of influence. The losers, primordial beings – masters of matter, shapes, time and the building blocks of entire worlds were consigned to prisons of their own bodies.

This potent ritual of this entombment was lost over time- their purest expressions of divinity degenerating from a world lessened by the passing of primordial spark. It is said that once in a few generations, a mortal is born with the power to wield the purest divine miracles through invoking echoes of their god’s former self.

The Dawn War raged over many worlds, shattered the planes into higher and lower forms, bled out its artery Styx and wiped out entire pantheons and species of primitive life. Malfeas, King of the Primordials sought to make peace between his haughty brethren and their sentient godly creation who demanded rights to exist in worlds that were stable and which did not evolve or change to the fancy of its primordial master.

Gaia, the Queen who loved her creation to such a degree that she willingly crystalized herself and partitioned her souls into the elemental dragons and moulded from the elements- the first primal wardens she called titans and giants to protect the lattices of dragon lines and nests. Her self-sacrifice resulted in a world that was safe for her children to exist and breed.

Leaders of the mortal rebellion, such as Moradin , Corellon, Yondalla, Garl, Gnumsh, Tharizdun and Asmodeus cited Gaia as an example of peaceful coexistence but the primordials refused to give up the power to create, evolve and change. After all, they were the ones that had created all things. King Malfeas who had lost his beloved Gaia, lost the will to continue fighting and living and thus commanded the primordials to go into slumber for ten thousand years.

All the primordials except four of Malfeas’s most loyal generals and friends acceded to this request. Their names were Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeench. The four took on the moniker; “Chaos” for they would remain forever unbound and bore the brunt of their lord’s wrath. To the modern layman, the forces of Chaos comprise of these primordials, rogue gods who supported them and aberrant spirits are known simply as demons. The Chaos Gods are in truth the purest primordials- undiminished in their power, uncompromising in constant metamorphosis and defiant to the core.

Fearful that their bliss would end in the ten millennia, the gods in turn betrayed their agreement with Malfeas and used their power to imprison and entomb the primordial bodies into the stable worlds we know them. Malfeas was far too mighty to be bound and so the gods shattered him into fragments of rock. Dismayed by their betrayal, Malfeas in his last act sculpted from the clay of his body the first tribe of men- creating the first race without a racial godhead and due to the haste by which he created them- the shortest life span. Through his will alone, the undefeated immortal Malfeas slowly regenerates his body hoping to regain all of his former self.

Fresh from their victories, the gods divided the multiverse into dominions, spheres of influence and took up residence in the higher and lower planes. With no primordial overlords to police the balance of cosmic good and evil, wars between the gods erupted as they sought to expand their portfolios. To the shock and bewilderment of the deities, after the withdrawal of the primordials, their powers and immortality were now no longer inherited by their descendants and they could only transfer divine power to elevate favoured children into demigods- a process which weakened them immensely.

The fundamental laws of the world had changed. The primordial flux that had given the world a source of primal power had benefited even the gods. The deities now had a finite reservoir of power. The rise of a human barbarian king, Sigmar showed the older gods that by tapping into the power of faith, one can essentially rise to divinity with no patron. The Old Gods had considered destroying the upstart but Sigmar did not engineer his rise to be the Emperor of Mankind through force of arms alone- he was a canny negotiator.

Sigmar allied himself closely to Asmodeus and Moradin and promised the others a crippling limitation for humanity- that no human could bring back the dead through prayers to Sigmar. Lastly, to seal the deal, he would teach the older gods how to harness the power of faith.

As humanity outgrew the populations of other races, so did the Churches of Sigmar swell with worshippers and the God Emperor of Man grew bloated with the power of faith. The massive population spread far across the land meant that Sigmar’s religion was nimble and its doctrine of strength, self-reliance and the supremacy of man gave people hope in a world where monsters lurk in the wilderness of the dark medieval.

Whilst the other deities were weakened by their long and old wars and their followers split into sectarian factions, the Empire’s armies expanded into the traditional hinterlands of the Elves, Yuan-ti and Orcs. As long as the devils lurked in the shadows of the Empire and that dwarven strongholds mountains were left alone, Sigmar became the undisputed Lord of Terra.

This year marks the ten thousandth year of the primordial imprisonment. The banner of the eight pointed star of Chaos flutters in the flames of galaxies that have been set alight with the blaze of change.

This is the beginning of the end for the gods. A return to Gaia's cradle. And the grave of a king.

Who will rekindle the embers of the Dawn War?

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2 Re: Lords of Terra III: The Dusk War on Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:25 am

Episode 1

High in the darkness of the astral sea, hovering over the tips Gaia's crown and bathing in the light of the stars, floats Xycon 6- a maximum security prison of Turathi design where the worst of the Empire's prisoners deemed too dangerous for domestic captivity are held.

To the residents of the asteroid fortress- Xycon is simply known as the Rock or Sigmar's Gulag or simply Career Suicide Center for Empire Employees.

Amongst the rebel leaders, serial killers, heretics, cartel criminals and POWs are an unlikely trio of inmates who have outlived ten generations of prison warders. To be continued...

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