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Session Summaries

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1 Session Summaries on Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:59 am

Here is a XP summary for "Shroud of Toledo" episode and Redthorn Quest Fight.

Defenders of Harkenwood episode

* Xanathar's Waterfall Defence: ECL 5 Beholder Gauth (Elite, Artillery 5 400xp) 4 Hobgoblin Spear Soldier (Skirmisher 3 600xp), Pit Trap (100xp): Total 1100xp/220 per player.

* RedThorn the Secretary of Evil: Nazin RedThorn (Leader 5, Iron Circle Dark Adept, 3 Hobgoblin Sellswords. Total (1000xp/200xp per player)

* Major Quest Completion: (875xp/175xp per player)

Shroud of Toledo

* Group Role-playing xp: Communion with Gaia, Succubus Seduction, Archery Competition, Wardens of the Vedant Green, Dealing Justice to to the Tyrant (875xp/175xp per player)

* Skeletal Legion Defence: ECL 4 (2 Blazing Skeletons (Artillery 400xp), 8 Decrepit Skeletons (Minion Skirmishers 200xp), 2 Skeletons (300xp) (900xp/180xp per player)

* Zombie Rush: ECL4, 18 Zombie Shamblers (Minion Brutes) (900xp/180xp per player)

* Zombie Hulk Smash: ECL3 2 Hulking Zombies (Level 4 Brutes 350xp), 4 Grasping Zombies (Level 1 Brutes 400xp) (750xp/150xp)

* The Embalming Chamber: ECL6 3 Chillborn Zombies (Level 6 Soldiers 750xp), 2 Mad Wraiths (Level 6 Controllers 500xp) (1250xp/250xp)

* Birthed in Darkness Skill Challenge: Complexity 3 (525xp/ 105xp)

* Death of a Prince: ECl 5 3 Ghouls (Soldiers 600xp), 2 Deathlock Wights (Artillery 350xp), 1 Corruption Corpse) (Artillery 175xp)- 1 additional ghoul was added to offset addition of Arailyn the Eladrin Bow Mage. (1125xp/281xp)

Total XP needed to level to 5: 1750xp
Total XP gained since last level: 1916xp per player.

Congratulations, you have ascended to level 5 with 166xp banked.

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2 Re: Session Summaries on Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:34 am


Here is the Session/XP summary from the weekend.

Arrival of the Dark Lady Lucita of Morn

ECL 5: 5 Wights (Level 5 Skirmishers). Reward: 1000xp/200xp per player.

Bridge to Nowhere

ECL 6: 2 Gargoyles (Level 5 Lurkers 400xp), 6 Blazing Skeletons (Level 5 Artillery, 1200xp), 1 Rock Horror Spellfiend (Level 7 Artillery, 300xp) Reward: 1900xp/317xp,

Cavern of Desserts

ECL 7: Black Pudding (Level 8 Elite Brute, 700xp), Gelatinous Cube (Level 5 Elite Brute 400xp), 2 Carrion Crawler Scuttlers (Level 5 Skirmisher 400xp), Carrion Crawler (Soldier 7 300xp) (Reward 1800xp/300xp),

The Shroud of Sierna

ECl 8: Tomb Guardian (Level 10 Brute, 500xp), 1 Sovereign Wraith (Level 8 Soldiers 350xp), 2 Shambling Mummies (Level 8 Brute, 700xp). (Reward: 1550xp/ 388xp per player)

Major Quest Reward: Completion for Akatosh's quest for the shroud of Sierna
(800xp/ 200xp per player)

Total XP needed to level is 2000xp
Session Earned: 1138xp earned
Total current XP banked: 1304xp

Treasure rewards: +2 Hide Armor of Exploits (Sigurd), +2 Holy Symbol of Perseverance (Cassius), Bracer of Archery (Luvelle), Couter of Second Chances (Moderkrag), Bag of Holding (Riordan), Power Jewel (Baron Vermil), Cloak of the Walking Wounded + 1 (Moderkrag), Healers Brooch +2 (Riordan), Bestial Hide Armor +2 (Moderkrag), Belt of Fitness (Moderkrag) Throwing Shield (Sigurd), Flamedrinker Shield (Cassius).

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3 Re: Session Summaries on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:24 am


Raihan wrote:
Session XP summary for "Baron Vermal's Feast" episode.

"Its Clobbering Time!"

ECL 7: 2 Ravenous Ghouls (Level 5 Brutes 400xp), 4 Ogres (Level 6 Brute 1000 xp), 4 Kobold Minions (Level 1 Minion 100xp), Ogre Hunter (300xp) .

Reward: 1800xp/300xp per player

"Lividius, Champion of Chaos comes to dinner"

ECL 4 Chaos Knight (Level 4 Solo Brute)

Reward: 875xp/175xp per player

"Count Caledor of Tzeench vs Baron Vermal of Slaneesh"

ECL 5 Count Caledor Tiefling Occultist (Level 8 Controller, 350xp),3 Tiefling Furies (Level 5 Soldier 600), Shark (Level 5 Brute 200xp), (-1 Arylin , Level 7 Artillery 300xp) Reward:850xp/170xp per player

"Nidhogg the Blue Dragon Vandal"

ECL 6 Young Blue Dragon (Level 6 Solo Artillery)

Party was defeated by Nidhogg which flees after rampaging through the town of Freya's bounty.

Bonus Roleplaying XP Rewards: 1000xp/200xp per player

Session Earned: 845xp per player

Congratulations, you have ascended to level 6.

XP banked: 149xp

Session Summary

Good role-playing all round by all players from start to end.

After the previous session's dramatic rescue, the party gains an invaluable ally and informant in Orson Darkbane, the young vampire who had tipped off the Inquisition to stem the undead plague in the city of Toledo. He is determined to find a cure for the plague, to wreck vengeance on his sire, Lucita and to stop the Inquisition from laying waste to the continent of Jord. Prince Cassius along with his retinue of guards embark on a mission to find the Inquisitor whilst the rest of the party head to the Fey town of Freya's Bounty to see if a Gnomish Master Alchemist, Professor Bing Bong can find a cure for baby Clara.

Whilst the party soaks in the lyrical and hospitable town, Baron Vermal conspires with a fellow cultist of Chaos, Count Caledor to have the visiting King of Elves, Aenerion assassinated. Accompanied by a Chaos Knight, Lividius, Vermal poisons Modekrag, Luvelle and the gnome inventor at a feast which he had organised. However, after watching most of his companions fall into deadly convulsions, he changes his allegiances and attacks the Chaos Knight. Ironically, he finds himself fighting alongside his rival, Luvelle Swiftarrow against the mighty warrior of Khorne. Lividius is struck down by Modekrag. Caught in his web of deceit, Baron Vermal lies about being coerced to help the cultists and reveals the plot to assassinate the High Elf royal family.

The party interrupts Count Caledor as he executes his overly elaborate attempt to assassinate the Phoenix King with a shark and the "captured" blue dragon Nidhogg. Arylin reveals herself to be the King's daughter and Ulthan's princess after seeing her father hurt. The battle is swiftly joined. The cult of Chaos is quickly overwhelmed and Baron Vermal silences Count Caledor by force-pushing the Tiefling master occultist into the tank of sharks.

King Aenerion mistakes Luvelle to be his dead twin brother, Eldrad and Arylin begs him to perpetuate the charade so that she would not be sent home. The party wins the gratitude of the Elven royal family and they heroically volunteer to apprehend the mighty rogue blue dragon Nidhogg. However, despite their best efforts, the reptilian monster gets the better of the young adventurers and leaves almost all of them bleeding out in the town square. It continues its brutal rampage in Freya's Bounty and finally flies away when the Phoenix King and the White Lions arrive to put down the recalcitrant god of storms.

Well played one and all,



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4 Bitter Sweet Goodbyes on Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:53 pm

Reserved for future post

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5 Rise of the Tinkertron on Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:54 pm

Reserved for future post

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6 The Willow King Approaches on Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:45 pm

Session Summary for Sijian under Siege (2/4/2011)

Using advanced cloning and soul reconstruction technology, Chief Artificer Deity and Remaker of the Cybernetrix, Tinkertron Glittergold returns Luvelle Swiftarrow from the dead and sends him back through time to the present. Now looking like an Adonis, Luvelle looks nothing like his old self and wonders how Arylin and his friends will react when they see him. As a precaution and because the name Swiftarrow makes no sense anymore, he calls himself- Xavier.

Xavier crashes back to Jord in his time-travel capsule into the enchanted forest 'Athel Loren' where he makes two new friends, “Brewski Alehart”, a Dwarven Shaman protector and “Chesnut”, an inappropriately named ferocious Wood Elf Predator Druid. The two primal warriors bring the mysterious celestial visitor to their friend and teacher, Brave Hawk. Xavier says that he searches for his old party members. The curious Brave Hawk consults the Spirits of the Green about these people but the spirits instead warn that the Prophecy of the Willow King will soon come to pass. Alarmed by what he has foreseen and sensing a connection between Xavier and the future Emperor, he dispatches his trusted students to ensure that Prince Cassius of Jord leaves the city of Sijian immediately.

The scale of the devastation in the city of Sijian is heartbreaking. Having lost track of their friend Sigurd in the final hours of the climatic battle with Arnulf and his legion of undead, Cassius and Mordenkrag have taken shelter in a cellar of a collapsed house. Cassius does his best to treat the injuries of the wounded and he makes as many of those dying as comfortable as possible. Despite his efforts, several of the refugees despise his arrogance and his efforts to lord his authority over them. Food and water supplies are fast running out. Mordenkrag and Cassius decide that they can no longer wait in the cellar should they wish to feed the hungry survivors.

Whilst exploring the ruined city, they encounter gangs of looters who tell great tales about a Messiah who warned them of the coming disaster. The man whom both Cassius recognizes as the despised Baron Vermil had saved more than 750 people who were too poor to evacuate the city by giving away his own gold. The Baron, now both a physical and emotional bankrupt could still be found coordinating rescue efforts in the shattered remains of his prefecture’s embassy.

The companions meet when the violent sounds of a Troglodyte raid which can be heard from within Sijian’s Museum of Primordial Antiquities draws them to battle. The combat was drawn out but the party manages to convincingly defeat this subterranean threat which had attempted to capture survivors of the recent disaster. The party also encounters a group of Goliaths protecting humans which was comes as a surprise to Mordenkrag. Their leader, Sgt Major Tiny Fullblade explains that the titans have set up a military base in the city and tasked the Terran Revolutionary Guard to locate, protect and shelter any refugees of war they can find. Mordenkrag was intrigued by the Titans' rare display of generosity but could not further satisfy his curiosity by investigating the Goliath’s base called “The Bastion” as he felt responsible for the life of Prince Cassius.

As the party got reacquainted, Vermil pulls Cassius aside and warns him that he was being hunted by an elder Vampire called Mitru. In fact, Mitru had offered Vermil many rewards in exchange for facilitating the capture of the royal. Cassius was touched by Vermil’s loyalty which had been called into question on many occasions. Vermil had even produced a letter implicating the Inquisitor Ramirez as an Infernalist behind the Red Thorn Iron Legion conspiracy. The two childhood friends agree to put their past conflicts behind them.

Vermil also shares with Xavier that he was well aware who he really is. Luvelle was shocked and became extremely upset when Vermil blurted out that his twin brother, Eldrad had in fact been alive all this time and that Princess Arylin who had cruelly mocked his declaration of love whilst he was dying had in fact been a disguised succubus. The Psion nearly unravelled his ruse when the other party members began to query who this mysterious Eladrin really was. To Luvelle’s surprise, his ‘rival’, Baron “Vermin” not only kept his secret identity hidden but assisted in covering it up.

The two primal heroes counsel Prince Cassius to leave the city as soon as possible as should he fall to the undead; the prophecy of the Willow King would certainly take place.

Despite his reservation, Prince Cassius agrees to abandon the city of Sijian. Baron Vermil refused to leave the civilians behind and bade his friends/rivals goodbye.

However, as the party makes their way out of the city, a patrolling Lich riding a Dracolich catches sight of them. Soon news of Prince Cassius’s movement in the city spread through the ranks of the dead.

Lucita, sire of the traitorous vampire Orson decides to redeem herself in the eyes of Arnulf the Ancient by laying an ambush on Cassius and the King’s men. With the help of the Necromancer "Thrice Dammed Lucius" and the brains of his recently deceased apprentices (he killed them of course), a vicious trap was sprung.

Undaunted by such cowardly attack, the preternaturally alert party fought back with immense resolve. With Mordenkrag’s mind clouded by mind magics, the party was hammered from afar with a multitude of deadly spells. One by one, Cassius saw his companions fall like dominos. Even when they struck down the mighty Tomb Guardian Xerxes, their hearts grew crestfallen as Lucius the Thrice Dammed, raised the Guardian up once more. When Mordenkrag fell in battle, his earthy veins drained dry by Lucita, Prince Cassius orders his companions to stand down. Despite Mordenkrag’s protestations and Shaman Aleheart’s warnings of a coming Apocalypse, Prince Cassius refused to let his friends die so that he may live.

As a contingent of Battle Wights arrived to take the Prince to see his blood ancestor, Arnulf, Xavier/Luvelle hints of his true identity and of the deeper friendship between them by referring to a mutual friend as Vermin. A smile lit up both their faces like a ray of sunlight bringing with it a tinge of bitter-sweet emotion that lace all farewells.

XP Summary

Night in the Museum

ECL 9:(2550xp/425xp 6 players)
4 Troglodyte Thrashers (Brute 7, 1200xp), 2 Troglodyte Impaler (Level 7 Artillery, 600xp), 6 Troglodyte Grunt (Minion 8, 500xp), Troglodyte Mauler (Level 6 Soldier, 250xp)

Reward: Parcel number 7 (3 250gp art objects + 2 healing potions), Parcel number 4: 1 Level 8 Magic Item, Parcel number 10 (3 100gp gems).

Lucita's Revenge

ECL 11: 3000xp/5 players
Vampire Witch (Level 10 Controller 500xp), 2 Poltergeist (Level 6 Artillery, 500xp), 2 Brains in Jars(Level 6 Controller, 500xp), 2 Tomb Guardian (Level 10 Brute 1000xp), Skull Lord (Level 10 Artillery 500xp)

Failed to overcome Lucita and her coven.

Skill Challenges

The Journey to Sijian (Level 8, Complexity 2) - build boats, navigating river, cutting down time etc - 700xp/233xp 3 players

General role-playing

Good scene in the middle with Cassius, Vermil, Mordenkrag and Luvelle in the Museum with some awesome Telepath private channels and Mordenkrahg's clueless-ness. - 500xp/100xp per player

Total Session XP: 758xp/3000xp

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