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The Torment life of Vermal Von Branstein

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1 The Torment life of Vermal Von Branstein on Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:01 pm

Born a nobleman whose heritage to the rightful ruler of the Reichland , Vermal has live a charm life. Under the tutelage of his father Reichland King Vancor Von Branstein he had learn the way of leadership and the mystical way of sorcery. But in the heart of young Vermal the world has much to offer for he is not content with what the land he live in can offer to him. He desire much much more till the hunger consumed him. And he blame his father for the death of his mother."WHY?" he asked himself, "why didn't father save her?" The question he long kept inside his heart hoping one day he father will tell him. But the day never come. Devouring his very innocent from within he tabs into the unknown, dwelling furthur into the abyss till his eyes see otherwise. Finally he found what he was looking for. The lust for knowledge and power lure him towards the entity of chaos. The names of those shall not be spoken promise young Vermal that if he truly wish for such desires it shall be granted.

Returning to Reichland, Vermal has the answers he seek but more questions appeared before him. Confused and ignorant, he succumb to chaos granting him power beyond what his father had taught him. With the new knowledge he intend to bring his newly gain power to fruition by summoning the Lords of Chaos thus he hope all questions to be answered but his ritual was foul by his father sudden appearance in the process. In the mist of confrontation, Vermal thirst for knowledge and power was to overwhelming and thus lead to the murder of his own father. With Vancor final struggle he managed to disrupt the ritual and seal Vermal memory of his death deep within his soul knowning Vermal still have a spark of humanity left inside of him hoping one day his son will return. Vancor also manage to fully seal away the power granted by the Chaos lord inside Vermal but the process change Vermal appearance permanently. The visage of Chaos was fused onto Vermal body creating a living entity. Upon Vermal recovery he is appointed Baron under his father trust console till he is ready to succeed his father will. But deep in Vermal heart he knows what happened. That his own father dies by his own hand. He knows the time was not yet ripe that his own foolishness gets the better of him which cause the death of his father. "Soon my Lord, soon your time will come. By the time of your arrival your faithful subject will have your throne ready." Vermal grin under his hood when he met up with his childhood friend Prince Cassius.

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2 Re: The Torment life of Vermal Von Branstein on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:20 am

Power lah, Lui.

One thing I would like to know, however: how did Vermal's mother die?

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3 Re: The Torment life of Vermal Von Branstein on Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:03 am

Woot! cheers

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4 Re: The Torment life of Vermal Von Branstein on Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:54 am

Zakmonster wrote:Power lah, Lui.

One thing I would like to know, however: how did Vermal's mother die?

I yet to think of how my mother was maybe 'Killed, accident' etc but maybe it have something to do with my birth accursed life dramatic storyline lol!

Just wanna have a impact to the story for future games

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Vermal return to his homeland unable to adjust to the world dominated by the undead hordes, he once again wonder what difference does he make even if he have stayed behind to help defend it. Yes, he had rid himself of the tainted soul tormenting him but at what cost? Is he truly free? he couldn't find any answer. He wanted to be free from the chains of fates that bind him but yet in return he torn asunder the dragon he sworn an oath to protect. An excuse he had given himself for wanting to be home, a way to escape from all the eyes that question his judgement.

Now fifty years have pass, a world he once called home is now an alien land to him. He no longer command the power of chaos that reside in him, for that he is grateful but now the land is in great peril and he doesn't have any means to help protect it. He is but a common man now. In Reikland, the Baronny of nine gates is now under the command of a certain Von Branstein even Vermal have no knowledge of, and Reikland have played an important part in the war against the undead. To seek out the answer, Vermal decided to return to Reikland. Things back at Reikland was incredible easy for Vermal as no one really recognised him but he needs to retrain himself. He pick up a sword he once was taught by his father but abandoned the thought of wielding it and went about studying the arcane arts, a sense of grieve swarm upon him. How he regrets that he never understand his father concern, his love that all of this have to come. But he tell himself he have no time for sorrow, much needs to be done. Still he have very limited knowledge on the the weapon itself, he need a guide, a path, a master.

Ponder on where to start, he arrived at a small village and decided to stay for the night. In the middle of the night, screams n shouting was echoing all over the village. In Vermal mind, he thought the undead is upon the village but no, no undead was in sight. A band of raiders was plundering the village. Looting and raping. Indeed time have change much since then. The villagers couldn't put up much fight and neither could Vermal. To the raiders it one of the ways to survive. Either join the conscription to fight against the undead which means certain death or becoming an outlaw. Vermal was eventually sold as a slave for his seemingly good looks to a certain madame but his defiant display of attitude incur the anger of the lord and he was threw into the galdiator pit.

From there he met 'Leonidas'..."mmmmm fresh lamb back on the menu boys" grin Leonidas.

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6 Re: The Torment life of Vermal Von Branstein on Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:26 pm

on the walls of the gladiatorial ludus, some words were hastily and desperately scratched onto the wall. 'dun drop the soap.'

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7 Re: The Torment life of Vermal Von Branstein on Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:27 pm

why lui's characters all get sold to be gladiator one ah

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