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Introducing the World of Derhask (Dune)

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1 Introducing the World of Derhask (Dune) on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:58 am

Panerium City

Origins of the town as told by Eli ibn Avner, priest of Anur, the Sky Father

In the year of Arkadian Fall, Avner ibn Benhev, a youthful priest of Anur fled the crumbling scorched city walls with foul Chaos hot on the heels of refugees. The air was rancid with fear and death and no matter where one looked, the Despoiler's legionaires laid waste to the once beautiful holy city. With the screams of his sister still ringing in his ears, Avner the priest first experienced doubt that a Divine Plan indeed existed.

His royal blue priestly garments though tattered and stained with earthly dirt and grime were a symbol that the frightened people rallied around in search of solace and direction. Merely eighteen summers old, leadership was thrust into untried Avner’s hands. Hiding his doubt deep within the creavases of his heavy heart, Avner threw himself into the task of sheperding what remained of the Arkadian Empire into the Exodus.

Wise Avner was not alone in this task. The speaker of the Sky God was aided by companions who loved the Arkadian people as he did. We will not forget Hamzah the honorable Bedouin Dervish, who danced with scimitars that rang lightning and thunder and the last living practitioner of the Storm Wardens.

We are grateful to Levia, wielder of the Storm magick, the living embodiment of Innana and legendary slayer of the Hydra Queen.

We are in awe of Enkindu, Reaper of the Whirlwind who fought off hordes of brutal Chaos Giants for seven days and seven nights simply on the momentum of his primal rage and his ancestors screaming for vengeance in his veins. Miraculously, the “Children of the Desert Wind” survived their ordeal with nothing more than broken bones and scars.

It was said that at the height of their courage battling the Khornate Demon, Angron the Unbound, the Sky God was moved by Avner’s prayers that his tears brought Levia the Storm Sorceress back life back and blossomed the valley with sweet dates and oases. When the storm tapered to a drizzle, Enkindu cleaved the Demon’s head with a roar of triumph. That single blow alone turned the tide against Khorne in his war of dominance with the great deciever Slaanesh.

Though Avner was young and his power was nowhere near the might of his friends, many people had credited him with victory over Chaos in spite of his wishes that honours be shared with his Desert Wind companions. The grateful Arkadians offered to crown him king, offered him their most attractive daughters as brides and offered him the riches which they bore on their backs to rebuild an empire for the Sky God.

The proud barbarian Enkindu was furious. Was it not he that bore Angron’s earth-cleaving blows on his back? Did not the blood of a thousand giants stain his hands in the many killing blows which he wrought? Was not his sword, “World Breaker” that smote Angron’s head from its shoulders?

The warrior’s heart ached even more to see wise Avner turn down the many proposals of marriage. In spite of his bestial fury, the barbarian had seen the meaningful looks exchanged between the young priest of the Sky God and the Storm Sorceress whom Enkindu himself desired. Hamzah steadied Enkindu’s murderous hand but his heart grew heavy at his old friend’s dark change. More seasoned than any of his friends, the Storm Guardian feared for the brave barbarian’s soul.

The Children of the Desert Wind led the people across the plains in search of refuge and food but soon found themselves stalked by a nest of Sandworms. Many innocents were pulled through the sand to their deaths. Already wrecked by internal division, the party struggled to fight as one. Avner realized that the only way to save as many people as possible was to head to toward the treacherous volcanic rock which would be too searing hot for the worms to burrow. However, Enkindu abhorred the idea of retreat and desired glory above all else. The worms were a perfect way for the people to recognize the debt of gratitude they owed him. In spite of his party leader’s orders, he charged headlong into battle yelling the name of his battle diety, Krum.

As Levia coaxed the terrified people up the hot rock but her eyes pleaded with Avner to save her old friend, Enkindu. Avner shook his head- it was not a battle that needed to be fought and the refugees still needed protectors for a long time to come. Hamzah could not stand idle whilst his friend’s blood spilled onto the floor. The Storm Guardian charged into the fight.

Enkindu was victorious against five worms no less. His rage had carried him to victory. He turned to face the people expecting to hear applause and cheers. Instead he was greeted by stony silence. In the heat of the moment, he accused Avner of cowardice and mocked the youth for his prudence. Avner’s face reddened and he leapt from the rock face and back onto the sand. He strode purposefully to Enkindu. When he was at arm’s length away, Enkindu noticed tears brimming in his leader’s eyes. Avner congratulated the barbarian on his victory and Enkindu responded by mocking him for his womanly tears.

Avner bowed his head and walked past the gargantuan warrior. It was then Enkindu saw Hamzah’s scimitars lying on the sand. The three members of the Desert Wind came together to free Hamzah whose face was serene in death. Enkindu struggled to control the flow of tears down his craggy cheeks and when he turned to look at his companions, Slaanesh whispered in his ear. In between his ragged breath, the weeping Enkindu accused Avner of betraying the martial ideals of the party and sowed discord between them. With terrifying speed, he clasped Avner’s head in between his massive hands but before he could crush his rival, a bolt of lightning speared through his chest. Levia’s outstretched hands still smelt of ozone and Enkindu could sense her murderous intent. The refugees also began to surround their saviours grabbing rocks and sticks as weapons. Chastened, Enkindu shook his head to cast out the Deceiver’s whispers but his pride would not allow him to apologize to his closest friends.

Enkindu left the party and disappeared over the horizon. Some say he gave himself to Chaos and gave up his name for even more power and strength. The Chaos Giant Warlord, Elugorc the Impaler is known to wield “World Breaker” in his lone arm and to crucify those who mention the name “Enkindu” in his presence. Others say simply that Enkindu gave up his sword entirely to pursue a life of a hermit.

Avner and his wife Levia led the refugees higher up the slopes of the volcano. A vibrant community soon sprung on the steppes of the volcano and the city of Panerium was born.

Culture of Panerium

Natural flora and fauna

Economy and trade

Town Features and Landmarks

Important Members of the Community

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Belisarius Punchee wrote:Placeholder for town of the four Triads

Hi, is it okay if I share my suggestions for 2 of the gangs? My own and one of our rivals?

1) Weeping Devils Clan/ 鬼哭会: My tiefling-led yakuza group. I'll describe more about this group in my character's back-story thread.

2) Black Thunder Brotherhood/ 黑雷党: An all-male, all-drow triad, composed of pariahs, renegades, heretics, and criminals, who have all been exiled in one way or another from the matriarchal society of the dark elves. Some whisper they are infernalists who serve (and are protected by) a Prince of Hell, and that this is both the reason why they have left their demon-worshipping home, and also why they have been able to survive for such a long time.

These skilled and violent hitmen are famous for their trademark two-fisted shooting style, and are fanatically loyal to their Dai Lo/ 大佬 (Big Brother), a mysterious albino drow warrior.(I'm thinking a mix of the Menzoberranzan warriors' guild, a paramilitary outfit, and Hong Kong gangsters.)

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