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Campaign Milestones- The Lords of Terra

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1 Campaign Milestones- The Lords of Terra on Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:58 pm

The Lords of Terra

Cast of the Lords of Terra

Imperial Empire

Prince Cassius Eunsteiger

Baron Vermal Von Branstein

Max Orkton

Wardens of the Green

Caedmon: Once marooned on the Chaos-infested world of Derhask, Caedmon is a shifter ranger trying to make amends for the follies of his youth. Now back in Jord, he tries redeem a fallen tribe of shifters and the family of the man he has wronged back into Gaia's grace.

Mordenkrak is one of the shards of broken Malfeas, the defeated King of the Primordials. Characterized by his code of martial honour, he is often the bastion of stability within the party's tumultous friendships. He knows that in time, the last of his kind will inherit the mantle of Malfeas and struggles to define his own identity and in time that of his progenitor.

Erbek Earthborn


Luvelle Swiftarrow: Formerly a master archer from Athel Loren, Luvelle Swiftarrow struggled with the malignant influence of Chaos for much of his life. A divisive figure even amongst his closest allies, he finally turns his back on his friends and his people to join his twin brother, Eldrad in undeath and help fulfil the Lich King's twisted utopian vision.

Mala'Chii: Mala'Chii was an enigma to even his closest friends for much of his life. As a member of an elite espionage unit serving the Phoenix Throne, he threw himself into an extensive investigation to Princess Arylin's disappearance in Imperial territory. Elven historians credit him as the High Elf who went into another world to recover the future Everqueen from the maw of Chaos. Mala'Chii met his end hours after being appointed ambassador to the Empire, defending Migard's walls from an undead kraken "Old One Eye".

Aurora: Aurora was a brave razorclaw shifter ranger who shook off the spiritual depression of her people to fight the Lich King's Armada attempting to destroy Midgard, capital of Jord. Despite her mortal injuries, Gaia granted her the will to do battle with one of the most powerful peversions of nature, the undead kraken "Old One Eye". Aurora repaid the primordial's favor by landing the killing blow and left the world to rejoin the circle of life.

Travok Aleheart: Travok Aleheart was a cleric of Moradin who lost his life trying to ensure that the dwarven cultural relic, "The Singing Harp" did not fall into the hands of the titans. He was slain by a Chaos Demon Prince of Tzeench and is still fondly remembered by the dwarves of Moonsilver Hall.

  • Sigurd of the Balmung, Luvelle Swiftarrow, Gim, Wulfgar and several other youths of Rowan's Rest undertake a coming of age quest as per Norse custom at the behest of the town's Jarl. The Church of Sigmar intervenes and sends them to send ale to a nearby town instead. They discover that they are actually transporting religious taxes that is bankrupting their town and families.

  • Pre-Derhask events to be updated soon.

"Derhask, Realm of Slaanesh"

  • Guided by Archmage Eldrad's arcane compass, the party find and step through a portal that leads to the world of Derhask. This post-apocalyptic desert world has fallen to the Chaos God Slaanesh and the party have three days to locate Arylin before the portal closes behind them for a hundred years.

  • The party make contact with the remnants of the Derhask resistance force. Oswald risks his life to save an elf from a sand shark attack despite his religious indoctrination. Prince Cassius is surprised to find a multi-racial community living in harmony on a dying world. He finds the proof he needs to secure an alliance with the Wood Elves of Athel Loren.

  • Out of disgust and irritation, Luvelle Swiftarrow tries to gun down an ugly hag but she is saved by Prince Cassius. Tragically, the old hag is the Arylin- who has been cursed by Slaanesh to take on that twisted form during the day to preserve her inner purity and chastity. She flees from her true love broken-hearted.

  • In the Demon city of Abarex, the party come face to face with a favoured servant of Chaos, the Demon Countess. Part Eladrin and part Medusa and she bears an uncanny resemblance to Arylin. The Countess confesses her affection for Luvelle who enjoys the adulation and loyalty of a legion of Daemons. Cassius and the rest of the party are stumped when Luvelle offers them a daemonic invasion force to quell the undead threat in Jord.

  • On hearing that, David, a young archer on a quest to free his first love, Mikaela from the clutches of the Demon Countess fires an arrow that grazes Luvelle across the cheek. A livid Luvelle retaliates by shooting a transit arrow that bores into the youth's chest. He mocks the boy who dies in his hands. An enraged Axel attacks the Countess and an aerial duel with a flock of Vrocks ensues.

  • Prince Cassius draws his great hammer and attacks a surprised Luvelle who cannot see the error of his ways. Unwilling to kill his friend, Luvelle puts down his bow in submission and submits to Cassius's judgement. Cassius's resolve wavers and he forgives the elf to Oswald's disbelief.

  • Part of Mala'Chii's soul disintegrates as he teleports the entire party to safety with his yearly.

  • Cassius decides that he will stay in Derhask for the rest of his life and abandon his life in Jord. In the Abyss, Slaanesh cackles with delight.

  • A planar rift from the Celestia tears through Derhask and Cassius is separated from the rest of the party by a mystical sand storm.

"In honor of David"
  • Oswald decides to honour the memory of David by leading a rescue mission to save Mikaela. Vermal, Tinkertron, Axel, Erbek and Mala'Chii join him in the raid on a high-class brothel called the Scarlet Terbacle where the young woman is kept prisoner.

  • With almost all the party dying, Axel and Mala'Chii narrowly defeat the mistress of the brothel- Glarixia the Lamia. The party prepare to deliver Mikaela back to her family.

  • Oswald discovers a small taint of Chaos mutation on Mikaela and murders her in cold blood in front of Axel. Her family continues to believe to this day that she was kidnapped by brigands and that she is still alive.

  • The party splits up. Oswald and Axel head toward the portal back to Jord. Mordekrag decides to walk the world of Derhask till he finds Cassius and return him to Jord. Tinkertron, Erbek Earthborn, Luvelle, Baron Vermal and Mala'Chii decide to search for the last elemental dragon of Derhask in a bid to revive the Rainbow Serpent so as to open the Starbridge to return home at a later date.

  • Oswald and Axel are intercepted at the portal by five Inquisitional agents of Sigmar. Witchhunter Eisenhorn orders Oswald and the other four assassins to search for Cassius and execute him by order of the Holy Inquistion. They are instructed to keep the existence of Derhask a secret. The population must be kept ignorant of Chaos lest they fall into temptation. Axel is beaten unconscious as the portal back to his home closes.

"The Temple of Sorbek"

  • The party searches for the last elemental dragon which they hope to use to power up the Starbridge. Erbek Earthborn pinpoints an ancient tomb of an Ultra Knight Dragonslayer, Sir Flavius Kantor who was buried with an artifact that could track down dragons.

  • The party soon discovers that the tomb is currently occupied by a community of reptilian creatures who worship the crocodile god, Sorbek. Led by a Dracolich called Typhon, these warrior-monks put up a valiant fight to defend their home and it soon becomes clear that the 'monsters' were not malicious nor outright evil.

  • The party starts diplomatic overtures with a Naga Guardian in hopes of a peaceful resolution but Oswald and Luvelle viciously sabotage the talks by launching a surprise attack on the serpent fatally wounding it. Erbek and Axel are furious.

  • Despite the Yuan-ti guardian's denials, Baron Vermal feels a strange connection to a young dragon that lives deep underground. The party are curious as to why these creatures would die to protect this secret and whether the Dracolich possesses a darker motive.

  • The party is split down the middle on what to do. The reptilian creatures simply wish to be left alone but some see it as a military necessity to procure the dragon as the only means to return home.
"The Cradle of Apep"

  • After numerous diplomatic exchanges between the party and the Temple of Sorbek break down, Oswald, Luvelle and RX-001 make a pact to attack the temple and kidnap the dragon for themselves. They swore to exterminate every single living creature in the temple to prevent future reprisals. Erbek Earthborn wants no part of this but Mala'Chii and Vermal tacitly agree to follow the trio if only to mitigate their violent excesses. Axel plans to fight alongside the serpent community to defend it against the rest of the party.

  • Luvelle Swiftarrow is nearly killed by a pair of Wyvern riding Yuan-ti archers who were out to avenge their fallen companion. Although he knew Luvelle was guilty of cold blooded murder, Baron Vermal stays to fight alongside his friend and is nearly killed. The rest of the party retreat- leaving the two to face the law of retribution. A timely intervention by a Chaos battleship flying overhead ensures that both of Slaanesh's favoured minions live to fight another day.

  • The forces of Chaos manage to triangulate the location of the secret Temple of Sorbek thanks to their informant and launch a raid to capture the mysterious dragon for themselves. They decimate the Temple's defenders and the party follow the trail of destruction to the lair of Typhon the Dracolich but find the dragon's guardian pummelled into a sheet of powdered bone.

  • Already weakened by their fight with Typhon, the Chaos Sorceror and his bodyguards are easily defeated by the party who wrest Apep for themselves. Watching through a scrying sensor, the Lord of Chaos Undivided, Abbadon the Despoiler is pleased that the seed of world's end has been found by his agents and the way is open for his invasionary plans for the Terran system.

  • The party convinces the wyrmling Apep to join them. Unused to the concept of free will, the powerful primal spirit gleefully follows the party in their adventures. The party inadvertantly start the doomsday clock for Derhask as the Rainbow Serpent's last remaining fetich soul- the heart of destruction rears its head on a world desecrated by Chaos and ripe for reincarnation.

  • Stranded on Derhask and disillusioned by the party's direction, a bitter Axel leaves to wage a one man war on Chaos.
"The Scraps of Carcass"

  • Cassius awakens in a hospital in Panerium City after villagers find him unconscious in the crash-site of a flying chariot. Upon hearing Cassius's life story, Avner, a priest of Anu gives him a precious gift of a suit of armour and a hammer once wielded by a man who walked the earth of Derhask and who called himself Sigmar. He invites the Paladin to be a Hospitaler Knight to defend the community and its famed hospital.

  • Impressed by Cassius's nobility and virtue, the old priest decides to groom him into the next leader of the community. Cassius attracts followers who are eager to learn the Sigmarite faith. Fractures begin to appear in the Panerium society between the adherents of the old gods and Sigmar.

  • The first Church of Sigmar in Derhask is built in Panerium City. When it was time to give Sigmar's new worshippers the Scripture, Cassius decides to edit out entire passages that extol the supremacy of the human race and the duty of all worshippers to expand Sigmar's dominion over all of mankind. Instead, the "Gospel of Cassius" demands mercy and compassion from the followers of his deity. Cassius reasons that his flock do not need to repeat the mistakes and xenophobia that plagued his old world.

  • Cassius confesses to Avner that he is afraid that he may have blasphemed against his god Sigmar by removing several core tenets of his faith from the holy book. Avner asks Cassius why he worships a deity whose tenets makes him uncomfortable and ashamed that he may not reveal fully to his congregation. Avner invites Cassius to pray to the source of goodness in all the worlds but Cassius refuses out of blind faith.

  • Cassius leads a group of Panerium soldiers into the city of Carcass to purchase water from the criminal families that run the city. The city which was under a magical drought enforced by Slaanesh is in pandemonium. A mob of homeless people driven mad by thirst and hunger attack the Panerium Guard after Cassius refused to give them his water. Cassius gives his men the order to put down the mob which include the infirm, women and children. Not one of them survived.
"Rescue the Sun-Eater"

  • Panerium City comes under attack by creatures of darkness sent by the Dracolich Typhon to recover the wyrmling Void Dragon, Apep. Typhon informs the party that the Destroyer of Derhask should be kept locked up until Doomsday. Nevertheless, the characters decide to defend the freedom of the last fetich soul of the Primordial Rainbow Serpent. The grateful Elemental Dragon becomes fast friends with Baron Vermal and Tinkertron.

  • An ailing Avner receives Divine Revelation to build an Ark and commands his son, Eli to start constructing one in the desert.
"The Dagger of Conversion"

  • The party reunites for the first time in six months. Luvelle, Mordekrag and Vermal fail to convince Cassius to return home through the Ultra Knight Stargate. Oswald accuses Cassius of heresy and on orders of the Holy Inquisition assassinates the prince in front of his horrified friends. Baron Vermal goes berserk with grief. As a general free-for-all erupts, angels descend to defend the Vindicare Assasin from Luvelle Swiftarrow's just retribution.

  • Cassius's soul is granted an audience with one of Sigmar's most powerful agents, the Solar Archangel Raphael. The Solar informs Cassius that his god's wrath is upon him for changing the Scriptures and for defying his Church. He is commanded to return to Jord to conquer a hundred worlds in Sigmar's name as the Emperor of Mankind. A chastened Cassius accepts this duty and is resurrected by a miracle.

"No Love Lost"

  • Working together with the Derhask resistance, the party mounts an audacious attack on the Demon Countess under the cover of a riot. The team is led by resistance hero, Caedmon- a shifter with secret links to the Wardens of the Green. Luvelle resists Slaanesh's temptations to use a bow crafted from Arylin's soul despite its immense power and takes his first firm steps toward redeeming himself.

  • The Demon Countess of Abarex, handmaiden of Slaanesh is slain by the party in front of the spectators of her Colosseum. Tinkertron who dealt the killing blow is put through the Test of True Love. Digging deep into the memory of her dead husband, Gizmo, she defies Slaanesh by besting the Primordial at his own game. As a result, the future Elven Everqueen, Arylin is freed from the Deceiver’s Curse.
"Death of Derhask"

  • The party's conclusive victory over the Demon Countess unexpectedly liberates hundreds of ancient Ultra Knight Warriors from her curse that petrified them for centuries. The Ultra Knights are grateful for the characters’ assistance but soon wrest the responsibility of defeating Chaos on this planet from the resistance force.

  • The party enjoys a celebratory feast thrown by their new friends from the Derhask Resistance Force to commemorate their historic victory. Captain Khravchek toasts the new heroes and honours their sacrifices they made to stay and defend Derhask from Chaos. He asks them to describe what life was like for them back home. Cassius storms out from the room rudely but for the other characters, it was a time to reminisce about what home means to them. Arylin, Princess of the Elves confesses she misses her family and even Apep joins in by pretending that he is from Jord too!

  • Though the party wishes to return to Jord, the Ultra Knights are unwilling to jeopardise the fate of their home world by letting the heroes use the Star-Bridge. Cassius tells his party-mates that he was going to do all it takes to return back home even if it means causing millions here to die. Tinkertron, Malachii, Arylin and Mordenkrag vehemently oppose such a plan but a pained Vermal tries to convince Apep to open the Star Bridge.

  • Oswald tricks Apep into thinking that Vermal wishes only to use him for his power to return home and that he has no intention in letting Apep come back home with him. Convinced, Apep runs away with one of the resistance leaders, Nitro who convinces the wyrmling that he knows people who can get him to Jord with or without Vermal.

  • Vermal is too late to stop Chaos agent, Nitro from alerting his true masters of the location of Apep. Typhus, Lord of the Death Guard uses an Orb of Draconic Command to force Apep to come with him to the Star bridge- revealing Chao's dark designs on the world of Terra.

  • The party rush toward the Star Bridge but in their week-long journey, they encounter catastrophic changes in weather and spot colossal dark draconic scales poking out between the storm clouds. Entire cities in Derhask are destroyed by flood, tornado and tsunami. The Ultra Knight base where the Star Bridge is located is enveloped by coils of a great serpent whose scales are as black as midnight.

  • The heroes battle through a gauntlet of monsters including a pride of displacer beasts led by a Packlord in search of the next scarce meal, Elemental Archons driven mad by spirits dying all round, a legion of Chaos daemons and the apex predator of Dune itself- the dread Sand Worm without taking even a moment to catch their breath. Their terrifying encounter with the Sand Worm nearly results in their collective horrible deaths and only a single panicked shot at the last possible moment by Baron Vermal snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

  • The companions come face to face with Abaddon the Despoiler, the most powerful servant of Chaos in the cosmos. The Champion of Chaos Undivided forces the Void Dragon, Apep to open the Starbridge to Terra so that he can launch his invasionary fleet through. The heroes have but minutes to avert utter disaster. As the Ultra Knights launch a last ditch attempt to stop Lord of Chaos, Abaddon is forced to do battle in the stars leaving the heroes a small window of opportunity. Nontheless, Typhus, leader of the Death Guard materializes in the control chamber and the champions of Jord have the fight of their lives.

  • In an epic fight that swung from side to side, Nurgle's resilience proved too much for the brave heroes to overcome and soon even stalwart Prince Cassius succumbs to Grandfather Nurgle's noxious touch. But though their bodies may betray weakness, the heroes' indomitable spirit would not allow their home to share Derhask's fate. Mala'Chi's slippery translocation tricks buy the party vital seconds and in that small window of time, the party hold off Typhus long enough for Baron Vermal to slam home the overide codes- making the portal too small for large Chaos starships to sail through.

  • The world of Derhask stands at the precipice of destruction. Apep's girth has reached critical mass and the last heart of the Rainbow Serpent is about to give way. Power to the Starbridge remains at critically low levels and the only way to go home, is to charge it up... causing the world of Derhask and their friend Apep to perish.

  • Under pressure from Cassius and the other hardliners and ignoring the pleas of Tinkertron and Mala'Chi to find another way, Baron Vermal flips the switch killing the very dragon he has sworn to protect.

  • Apep is disintegrated and Derhask and all of its denizens are destroyed. The party have saved their world only to have killed another. Tinkertron weeps but no tears flow from her metallic eyes. The Jarls of Jord are finally home.

"The House of Eunsteiger"
  • The party who find themselves adrift in the frigid Islehorn Sea are picked up by an Imperial patrol vessel. Tinkertron is surprised to find two dragon wyrmlings, a male gold and a female red dragon clinging on to her. Apep, a force of destruction had in his last moments created the two dragonlings.

  • The team are quickly reacquainted with events they have missed out. Fifty long years have passed and contrary to Prince Cassius's predictions, the Empire is losing the war against the undead. The virus which killed millions of humans and causing them to rise as flesh-eating undead had in fact mutated and now affects creatures of fey origins too. In fact, Admiral Proudmore points out that Athel Loren, the sacred enchanted forest of the Wood Elves and where the World Tree is located is now firmly in the hands of the undead. In half a century, a new political order consisting of Liches have displaced the vampires as the Empire's greatest threat. Their leader goes by the moniker, the Lich King.

  • After receiving street directions from Admiral Proudmore, the party goes in search of their old friends, Aketh and Simon Proudmore the Third who run a mercenary outfit called "The Dogs of War". There is a moment of joyous reunion where many sweet memories are exchanged. Aketh who is a well-known mercenary gets the party a meeting with Elector Count Caspian who is Caspian's nephew.

  • News of the party's exploits in Derhask are met with disbelief by the royal court. A young Elector Caspian seems ill at ease with his new power since his recent ascension to the throne. Cassius does however get a meeting with his brother, Julius who is deathly ill with a mysterious disease. A disease that is somewhat similar to the one that killed their father, Erik Eunsteiger.

  • A dying Julius bursts into tears upon seeing his brother. He apologizes profusely to Cassius that he had lost the war and laments that it was Cassius who was destined to lead the House of Eunsteiger in its darkest days. Julius blames himself for being too weak for the task of rulership and too weak to resist the "shadows" within the castle. Cassius tries to comfort his brother but his words seem hollow even to himself.

  • Cassius notices that Julius seems to have been drained of blood.

  • Upon returning to the throne room, they notice that Inquisitor Eisenhorn and Luvelle's brother, Archmage Eldrad- the creator of the original virus responsible for the plague, waiting for the party. To their chargin, the party find out that Eldrad had confessed his folly to the Imperial authorities and has since recieved a full pardon from the Emperor. He now works for the Inquisition as the main arcanist in charge of finding a cure and to thwart the machinations of the Lich King. Rather than be villified, Eldrad is regarded as a hero of the Empire and leader of the Wood Elves in exile. Luvelle is delighted that his brother is on the side of the heroes.

  • The companions are briefed by Archmage Eldrad that the Lich King is planning a powerful ritual at the World Tree during the centernial eclipse that takes place within the space of a week and the Inquistion need to complete several tasks to disrupt the undead lord's plans. Inquisitor Eisenhorn offers to reinstate Cassius's noble status if he does his duty and he agrees. Though suspicious of Eldrad, the heroes have little choice but to work with him.

  • The first task was to recover the Bretonian Holy Grail which according to Inqusitional spies was last seen in the hands of a retired treasure-hunter, Horace who lives in the fringes of Midgard.

  • However, Cassius has suspicions that vampires lurk within the castle walls. After being granted permission by Elector Count Caspian, Cassius opens up the sealed royal tombs of the Eunsteiger House. He finds that the burial grounds to be untouched and to his surprise no undead lurk in the hallowed grounds. He pays his respects at his father's grave.

  • Cassius orders that his father's body be exhumed to the shock and dismay of the court and the Elector acedes to his request. Breaking open the marble sacophagus and the oak coffin, he finds his father's body missing. The undertakers begin to exhume the other graves one by one and they reveal that every single corpse that once bore the name Eunsteiger missing with exception of King Rowan, the first Elector. Cassius's worst fears were confirmed and he loses his composure and weeps openly. He blames himself for subjecting Julius to the predations of their vampiric ancestors.

  • Along with a retinue of Witchhunters and Grey Guard, the characters secure their suspect, Horace at his house before agents of the Lick King attempt to kill off the possible informant.

  • Armed with the location of a possible vampire's nest in the Black Tower prison complex, the party storms the compound with the Elector Count's men. They find many prison wardens who are in fact servants of the vampire coven.

  • The heroes confront the vampire lord of Midgard, Eric Eunsteiger, former Elector Count and Cassius's deceased father. Eric and his cotorie proceed to lay the smackdown on the party. Cassius is dominated by his father to attack his friends. Aketh humiliates Eric by beating him to the ground repeatedly but the vampire lord recovers and personally beheads the Half-Orc.

  • The arrival of the Inquisition and Archmage Eldrad force the vampires to a hasty retreat.

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