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Bloodbowl League Rules and Regulations

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1 Bloodbowl League Rules and Regulations on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:35 pm

Blood Bowl League Rules and Regulations

League Rules: Living Rule Book Version 5


Current tournament is the Spike! Magazine Tournament. (November to December, Finals in January)

Tournament format

Each team can play up to a max of 12 play-off matches before semifinals and finals.

Teams earn 3 points for each win, 1 for a draw and 0 points for losses.

The four highest placed teams will advance to the semi-finals. Teams tied on points will advance based on superior goal difference.

All match results, including scores, casualties, MVP player awards and player experience gains must be posted on this forum for transparency.

Coaches are free to organize their own matches with other coaches but may not play the same person twice in a row. Coaches may not play official league games more than twice a week.

Coaches may only manage one team in any given tournament.

Teams may be retired from the tournament and coaches are free to start new teams at $1 million.

Team coaches are encouraged to have a painted team but this is not a requirement for the league.

The "illegal procedure" rule will not be enforced in the game.

Teams may be put on ice in between different tournaments. However each coach may only reserve two inactive teams at most.

The Prize

Spike! Magazine Trophy

This award, which takes the form of a mithril spike mounted on a delightful plinth, is awarded to the team that wins the Spike! Magazine tournament. Because the holder of the Spike! Trophy receives extensive and (usually) positive coverage in Spike! Magazine, the team may add 2 to their Gate roll total as long as they hold the trophy.

The Spike! Magazine Player of the Year will be handed out after the final has been played. This award goes to the player in the league who has the most Star Player points. The player gains the skill Fan Favourite permanently unless he already has this skill for as long as the player is still on the team. Treat this as a skill taken on a Double for calculating the player's value. Note that the player does not have to be in one of the teams that took part in the final, or even the tournament, in order to receive the reward.



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