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Spike! Magazine Tournament Results

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1 Spike! Magazine Tournament Results on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:45 pm

Table Standings

1 Killogg's Khorne Flakes (6pts) 2-0-1

2 Kenny's Team (Name TBA)(6pts) 2-0-1

3 Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut Crawlin' Cajuns (3pts) 1-0-0

4 Hardcore cannot Die! (3pts) 1-0-0

5 Wulfgar's Wanderers (3pts) 1-0-2

6 Waargh Sphinx! (0pts) 0-0-1

7 The Legion (0pts) 0-0-1

8 Ming Hui's Orcs (Name TBA)(0pts) 0-0-0 (Match in Progress)

9 Bayu's Orcs (Name TBA)(0pts) 0-0-0(Match in Progress)

Team Profiles

Wulfgar's Wanderers (Norse)
Coach: Daniel
Played 2 Win 1 Draw 0 Loss 2
Touchdown Scored 2 Touchdown Conceded 2
Points: 3
Team Value: 1.08 million
Petty Cash: 50k
Star Player: Gene Simmons (Snow Troll) 7 SPP
Match History
Win vs Waargh Sphinx (31/10) 2-1
Loss vs Killogg's Khorne Flakes 0-1 (4/11)
Loss vs Kenny's Team (18/11)
Upcoming Fixtures:

Waagh Sphinx!(Orc)
Coach: Lui
Played 1 Win 0 Draw 0 Loss 1
Touchdown Scored 1 Touchdown Conceded 2
Points: 0
Team Value: 1 million
Petty Cash: 40k
Star Player: Taha (Black Orc) 8 SPP
Match History
Loss vs Wulfgar Wanderers (31/10) 1-2
Upcoming Fixtures:

Killogg's Khorne Flakes (Chaos)
Coach: Raihan
Played 3 Win 2 Draw 0 Loss 1
Touchdown Scored 3 Touchdown Conceded 1
Points: 6
Team Value 1.14 million
Petty Cash: 60k
Star Player: Skulltaker (Chaos Warrior) 12 SPP
Match History
Win vs Wulfgar Wanderers 1-0 (4/11)
Loss vs Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut Crawlin' Cajuns 0-1 (6/11)
Win vs Kenny's Team 2-0 (19/11)
Upcoming Fixtures:

Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut Crawlin' Cajuns (Undead)
Coach: Josh
Played 1 Win 1 Draw 0 Loss 0
Touchdown Scored 1 Touchdown Conceded 0
Points: 3
Team Value: 1.01 million
Petty Cash: 30k
Star Player: Bourgeonnais (Wight) 5 SPP
Match History
Win vs vs Killogg's Khorne Flakes 1-0 (6/11)
Upcoming Fixtures:

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2 Match Report from Asgard Stadium on Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:33 am

Match Report: Waagh Sphinx vs Wulfgar's Wanderers
Hey there Sports Fans!

It was a perfect day for Blood Bowl today at the normally frigid Asgard Stadium where the opening game of the new season between two major title contenders, Wulfgar's Wanderers and Orc outfit, Waaargh Sphinx locked horns in the Spike! Magazine Cup playoffs.

The home side- "Wulfgar's Wanderer's" led by their charismatic leader Logan Grimmnar raised many eyebrows by eschewing pre-season practice matches in favour of squandering travelling funds on wenches and Valhallan ale. They had an early shock this morning when Fenrir Irongut had to pull out due to indisgestion and team manager captured a wild snow troll to take his place just an hour before kick-off. The screaming monster was quickly kitted out in the team's colours and baited to play with a trail of penguin steak leading to the field.

Perennial crowd favourite "Waaagh Sphinx" did not disappoint with their usual pre-game antics involving much civil disobedience and wild raves that blotted the streets of Asgard with a sea of green. All the preseason jitters about fans abandoning the club after the departure of Star Blitzer, Momo Jawbreaker who turned to the professional freelancing circuit last year were unfounded. In fact, ticket sales have shown the away fans outnumbering Norse fans almost two to one. The new team, captained by the rookie Badi have massive boots to fill to satisfy the fans who want to see blood and broken bones.

The match did not disappoint in terms of excitement and mayhem. Spurred on by their Valkriye cheerleader, the Wanderers threw block after block grinding the visiting Orcs into the mud with some bone crunching tackles. Very early on, Orc linesman Trole was strangely singled out for punishment and one drop kick later, found himself visiting the Apothecary. It was quickly evident that the Norse had the upper hand with the Snow Troll throughly enjoying himself in the middle of the pitch. The Wanderers sealed their dominance with a touch down scored by No 8 Sven Darkmane.

Warboss Sphinx was livid with his players and much colorful language was heard from the Orc dugout. It is to his credit that his team quickly regrouped with a series of brutal tackles. This period saw some great technical blocks and that sent three players knocked out and the Orcs Captain Badi scoring a crucial equalizer before the half drew to a climatic close.

The second half resumed with the Orcs finding themselves outnumbered due to injuries and the Norse men capitalized on their numerical advatange by a sustained assault on the left flank. Try as they might, the Orcs who were streched thin did not have the speed to catch Runner Ragnar Thorson who leapt past the desperate lunge of an Orc fullback to score a conclusive winning touchdown.

The final score... 2-1 to the home side.

Both coaches expressed satisfaction with their young sides. In fact, Waagh Sphinx's new captain, Badi not only scored a touchdown but also awarded the MVP award for the match.

The happiest player on the pitch was reportedly the Snow Troll who found his new calling as a Blood Bowl player. Despite spotting a bloody head injury and having impressed the manager, he was offered a full year contract to play for Wulfgar's Wanderers.

Report by

Archmage Biron Duvalle

Kabal Vision Network

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3 Re: Spike! Magazine Tournament Results on Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:13 pm

Match Report: "Wulgar's Wanderers vs Killog's Khorne Flakes"

We're back with the latest report from the Spike! Magazine tournament playoffs right here on Kabal Vision Network.

There were high hopes for Wulfgar's Wanderers after their comprehensive victory over Waargh Sphinx as they travel to the Chaos Wastes for their first away game of the season.

Their opponents- Killog's Khorne Flakes, a team of Bloodletter Daemons and Khorne Chaos Knights from the World Eaters Legion who have a special penchant for wanton violence, maiming innocents and starting the day with a healthy breakfast.

With Skull Stadium filled to near capacity, sports fans here and at home awaited eagerly for the starting whistle. Khorne himself decided to "bless" this match with a blast of outer worldly irradiated sunlight from the Warp making the passing of the ball all the more difficult. Well, the Blood God need not worry about the lack of enthusiasm on both sides to inflict damage as the ball proved to be little more to be a minor distraction to the act of breaking heads.

The first half started with the Chaos kicking and the Norse receiving the ball. Deploying conservatively, the Chaos team minimized casualties from the Wanderer’s opening salvo of bone crunching blocks and take-downs. Fans both Chaos and Norse roared with approval as the Wanderers proved why they are the most highly regarded team in the league right now knocking out daemon Acrimony straight to the dugout. It appears that Khorne fans don’t care whose blood is being spilled as long as there was some. With the loose ball swiftly carried by Norse lineman, “Boyz to Men”, sprinting down toward the end zone with a posse of Norse behind him, its only a matter of time before Wulfgar’s Wanderers opened accounts.

The Khorne Flakes quickly reorganized themselves trying to plug in the defensive hole. It was their irrepressible team captain, “Skulltaker” that showed how Chaos deals with ball carriers. Barrelling down on “Boyz to Men”, the Chaos Warrior launched an explosive Blitz literally ripping his head off and presenting his skull to the legions of rabid fans. This has been the first fatality since the start of the season. Not to be outdone, the bloodletters set to work on the other Norsemen who responded with great fury and courage. The Skull Stadium has never been kind to visiting teams and today was no different. The resulting rampage was bloody with the Norse suffering six knock outs and one fatality and Chaos with 3 knocks outs and one injury all in just the first half.

The “Skulltaker” himself was ironically taken out by the young berserker Brykad Adams who was reportedly a close friend of “Boyz to Men”. Summoning the divine strength of Thor, he lifted the Chaos Knight over his shoulder and broke his back whilst singing a ballad about his fallen friend. Fans of the Khorne Flakes need not worry about the fate of Skulltaker, a broken back would not keep his demonically infused body down for long and one thing is for certain…he is pissed. Revenge would certainly be on the cards.

Predictably, with the bloodiest contest we’ve seen in a long time, the fixture remained scoreless after the first half. There was a twist in the changing rooms as two knocked out Chaos Warriors failed to return to the pitch in the second half leaving “The Despoiler” to lead the bloodletters in the crucial second half. The Norse, having served up some beer and roast were raring to go with all key players returning to the pitch.

The Khorne Flakes coach opted for an aggressive push into the Wanderer’s territory in the second half, bellowing at his charges to keep possession of the ball. The Norse cleverly baited the bloodthirsty Khorne-nites into a blocking war around the defensive cage. After several rounds of exchanging brutal blows, the Norse were gaining an upper hand, powering through the daemons and managing to recover the ball. With three turns left before the final whistle, Ozzy Osbourne dribbled into open space and found himself with the ball sprinting toward the end zone. Destiny beckoned but in a desperate play, “The Despoiler” shrugged off the challenge of a marking player, sprinted across the field and slammed into Ozzy with the force of an Empire Steam tank. The ball spilled and it was the Daemon “Wrath” who picked up the ball and ran back toward the Wanderer goal mouth.

Seeing their chance at victory slipping, the Norse tried a last ditch attempt to avoid a loss by surrounding the Daemon but the nippy runner managed to leap past the diving tackle and score a touchdown with seconds to spare.

Final Score 1-0.

Match Analysis

This low scoring scrum was typical of two brawling teams and unlike the Norse’s first game with the Orc’s Waagh Sphinx, their half stitched leather armour was distinctly lacking in protection. In the bruising first half, the Wanderers felt the loss of key positional players keenly and as a result failed to score.

As for the Khorne Flakes, they should be happy with the narrow win. The loss of talismanic captain, “Skulltaker” and two other Chaos Warriors who failed to return in the second half exposed a weakness in terms of the loss of hitting power and durability.

Players to Watch

Norse (No 5): Snow Troll (Gene Simons) with Claws, Frenzy and Mighty Blow? Fans eagerly wait to see how such a beast can control matters in the centre of the park.

Chaos (No 3): Chaos Warrior, Skull Taker had an impressive debut in the league inflicting the first fatality. His absence in the second half showed a lack of leadership amongst the other warriors of Chaos to lead the daemons.

Match Report brought to you by league sponsors-
"Spike! Magazine Publishing"
"Killog's Cereals"
"Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut"

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4 Re: Spike! Magazine Tournament Results on Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:35 am

Table Updated

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