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1 Team Backgrounds on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:58 pm

Post your team background for your fans!

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2 Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut Crawlin' Cajuns on Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:54 am

Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut Crawlin' Cajuns

Making a grand ol' fortune of his delicious spicy crawdaddies and whimsical branding, Jean Pierre Arceneaux invested heavily in his second love, Bloodbowl. A showman and advertiser by nature (and who wouldn't have seen the minstrel troupes in comical blackface spanking a crawdaddy or repeated the catchphrase 'Ooh, you're spicy, ma Cherie!" at least once) he advertised the Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut Crawlin' Cajuns heavily before the team was even formed. (This ad blitz featured 11 men painted mysteriously in black from head to toe and a minstrel going, 'DUN DUN DUN, who will the players be?' Although this blitz cost Jean Pierre exactly 12 times as much to run, it's decidedly non-salacious nature was widely panned.)

Unable to find any players able bodied or lively enough before the grand unveiling, Jean Pierre took the other approach and went to the graveyards for his auditions and was pleased to find that despite their stench and tendency to have their eyeballs drop out of their sockets (incidentally, very easily remedied by stylish goggles), the undead had an affinity for Bloodbowl.

He quickly formed a team around the captain, Bohning Bourgeonnais, an unspectacular but charming wight. Bourgeonnais wasn't an outstanding playmaker, but boy, can he give interviews. Through public appearances, Bourgeonnais and his team (who couldn't give interviews past Urrrhhhhhh and Braaaaaiiins) built a massive following, resulting in massive sales at Mama Lajeune's Crawdaddy Hut and the opening of 18 outlets and 3 drive-throughs in the last financial year.

Team Colour: Black and Brown
Home Stadium: Mama Lajeune's Bayou Outlet
Theme Motto: Try our crawdaddy gumbo today! $9.99 all day!
6 Skeletons - 240,000
01 - Aubie Aucoin, 05 - E.B Elmsley, 07 - Guillaume Gautheaux, 08 - Herberto Hombre, 09 - Itchy Iglesias, 10 - Jebediah Jim Beam
2 Wights - 180,000
02 - Bohning Bourgeonnais (C), 03 - Cesar Chupacabrone
2 Mummies - 240,000
04 - Ding Dai (Ding is an Oriental from Cathay, but still ostensibly a mummy), 11 - Khar'Amon Kukzuka
2 Ghouls - 140,000
06 - Francois 'Freakin' Facile, 12 - Louis Leblanc
2 Rerolls - 140,000
6 Fan Factor - 60,000

P.S I'm not sure if this is consistent with LRB 5 or whatevs we're using.

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