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Mudcity Season 2 [4e]

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1 Mudcity Season 2 [4e] on Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:31 am

Hey all,

Since there won't be a game this weekend, I was thinking about running a small series. This is a call for a game on 10 Dec. I'll need 6+ hours of your time.

I'm not going to be running every weekend, but I'd like a group of 5 committed players for this weekend and other weekends when nothing's happening. I'm looking at 10 episodes or so.

It's been fifty years since President Krasad Delanine took over the reins of the United Colonies from his missing father, Francois Delanine. President Delanine was never a political sort, though he had a positive charisma about him that made him popular with the commonfolk. Despite revolutionaries threatening his (well, his father's) vision of a united colony of all races, the capital city of Mudcity prospered and thrived.

It is three days before Independence Day, a day that is always eventful in the United Colonies, that five strangers arrived. On this eventful day, their lives will be forever changed.

A young hero, keen of heart, yet untested by the rigors of adventure comes into Mudcity by carriage, accompanied by his sister
A middle aged pharmacist, inquisitive, bold and cunning, has come to collect an old favor.
A reckless rebel arrives to escape his/her dark past.
A carefree spirit seeks adventure, but soon finds him/herself entangled in way more than they bargained for.
One born into slavery finds freedom and latches on to the first group who can vindicate him/her.

For the purposes of jumping straight into an otherwise short game, I'll need you to chope and incorporate one of these themes into your character backgrounds. Please make a Lv 1 character and write a character story.

This game will have priority for people who played Mudcity Season 1 - Rai, Shao, Jo, Jensen, Edmund (and Anand, who is welcome to a guest slot when he comes to town) but please respond if you're interested.

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2 Re: Mudcity Season 2 [4e] on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:07 am

Hi, I'm interested. I'll be at the Really Really Free Market this saturday in the afternoon - what time and where are you planning on starting? (Evening is fine with me.)

Also, what material is available to us for character creation? Is Dragon magazine allowed?

Since I'm level 1, I suppose I can be the Incorporeal Meow, instead of the Ghost Lion :-P


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3 Re: Mudcity Season 2 [4e] on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:26 pm

Looks like Sat will be difficult for most - will reschedule and hopefully do this when more are available. Stay tuned.

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4 Re: Mudcity Season 2 [4e] on Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:57 am

This game will be tabled in favour of l5r. Thanks.

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