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Lords of Terra Setting Thread

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1 Lords of Terra Setting Thread on Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:37 pm

NPC Cast

Father Decentious & Family

Father Decentious (Level 7 Cleric of Sigmar)- Brother to Fyodor, he secretly resurrects Cassius Eunsteiger, Mordenkrag and Mala'chi back to life to confront the impending threat of a Chaos invasion.

Known Personality Traits: Idealistic, Kind, Akward, Naive, Brave,


Basina (Commoner)- Wife to Decentius and mother of Cyra.

Known Personality Traits: Worldy, Conservative, Materialistic, Proud, Protective


Omir Dynasty

Sultan Ihsan Omir- Ruler of the Dekanis Sultanate and Usurper of the Peacock Throne. He is the adopted father to Goram. As a youthful Prince, he murdered his brothers and claimed the Sultanate for himself. In his prime, he was a brilliant leader, governor and strategist and under his watch, the Sultanate entered its golden age. However, since the death of his favourite daughter, Princess ShahnAz fifteen years ago at the hands of the giants, he has fallen into a stupor of lust, drugs and other worldly pleasures. Despite his negligence, the Sultanate continues to ride on his legacy and previous achievements.

Known Personality Traits: Lustful, Indulgent, Regretful, Generous,


Prince Darian Omir (Lightning Sorceror) Heir Designate to the Peacock Throne and son of a Janni Princess. He is a favourite of the common people- blessed with great looks, a magnetic personality and an energetic mind. He lives in the shadow of his father and seeks to out-do his illustrious sire at every opportunity. Prince Darian is unfortunately prone to bouts of self-indulgence, temper and avarice.

Known Personality Traits: Prideful, Glamourous, Mercurial, Insecure, Artistic


Prince Azun'Ghareb ibn Ihsan Omir(Battlemind) Would have made the best Sultan but plays second fiddle to the heir Darian simply due to the accident of his birth.

Known Personality Traits: Ambitious, Courageous, Cunning, Humble, Bitter


Prince Borat Omir [Bard] A foolish and self-centered young royal content to leech off his family's fortunes whilst fulfilling as little of his duties as possible.

Known Personality Traits: Jovial, Greedy, Petty, Innovative, Foolish


Moonflower Children





Neo Turathi Empire

Emperor Saul Darkseed of Neo Turath Chosen of Asmodeus, Heir of the Nine Hells.
Saul is the apex product of Evicus's eugenics programme to breed stronger Tiefling strains.

Known Traits: Imbued Evil, Confused, Cruel, Spoilt


Mobius of the Dark Eight, General of Hell

Known Traits: Cunning, Insightful, Patient, Arrogant

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