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Exalted errata (2.5e) incoming.

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1 Exalted errata (2.5e) incoming. on Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:41 pm


Take a look for details, but the manifesto appears to be wanting to fix a few fundamental problems with Exalted, perfect spam included.

The Exalted freelancers seem to have been hard at work, and Exalted should be a lot more playable now. It might be time to give this a go.

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2 Re: Exalted errata (2.5e) incoming. on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:03 pm


Also, there is some allusion to Liminal Exalted, and people are speculating what they are.

And this from Holden Shearer -

I find it interesting (and a bit saddening) that almost all ideas being
bandied about just consist of taking existing known quantities and
smooshing them together, or putting a new hat on them.

You think
you know everything about Creation and the universe of Exalted. It is
bigger and darker and stranger and more wonderful than you have dared
imagine in a long, long, long time. Go back to the day when you opened
the corebook, first glimpsed the Second Age of Man, and set off to find
out what it was about.

Exalted is getting exciting again loh.

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